TEEC is a geoscience consultancy company with its headquarter in Germany providing services and products to the international oil and gas industry. TEEC provides advanced geological and geophysical services for the E&P industry. On the basis of numerous successfully completed projects, for a wide spectrum of clients, TEEC is now a well respected member of geological/geophysical community. Recognized by the industry as an established specialist for Geostatistical Modelling, Reservoir Characterisation, Coherency Processing, Neural Networking, Conventional and Advanced Seismic Processing and Interpretation, TEEC works in close cooperation with their clients and scientific research institutions to ensure that their products are always one step beyond the “leading edge”. 

TEECware has been formed to concentrate TEEC' s activities in the fields of development, commercialising and marketing of geoscientific software for the upstream Oil and Gas industry.

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