Second EAGE/PESGB Workshop on Velocities

We will take part in the „Second EAGE/PESGB Workshop on Velocities“ in London on 4-5 April 2019 and we are going to present two abstracts.

Two of our colleagues will present the two abstracts during the workshop. Mrs. Endres will present „Velocity Model Building in Overthrust Environments“ and Dr. Eisenberg-Klein will present the second one.

New Flyer

We present our newest flyer about „High-Res Azimuthal Analysis“.

See how we improve the azimuthal information of the subsurface.

Use the link to get to the download page.

Our new Trade Fair Booth

We’re proud to present our new trade fair booth.

It was revealed at the PETEX 2018 in London and includes a QR-Code with the link to our new homepage.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

New Study: Gitaro.JIM

A new research study started and the TEEC group is the consortium leader in the EU co-funded project.

  • Gitaro.JIM – Geophysical Interpretation with Target-Oriented Joint Inversion Modules

Use the link to get more information about the study.

NAPE 2017 in Lagos, Nigeria

We are proud to present the winner of the presentation award of the NAPE 2017:

Our colleague Dr. Thomas Kalberg

The award was given to our colleague for his good and well informing presentation. It was the first time that a TEEC staff member took part at the NAPE. TEEC shared a booth together with Mease Energy Ltd. and at this point also many thanks for the good teamwork.


New Cooperation in Egypt

TEEC is proud to announce a cooperation with our new partner:

Mr. Moustafa Elsayed from ELBA Group Limited in New Cairo – Egypt.

After a first contact and some meetings the cooperation took shape. Now we are looking forward to a good joint venture.

New Cooperation in Nigeria

TEEC is proud to announce a cooperation with our new partner:

Mr. Stanley Eke Azuka from Mease Energy Nig. Ltd. in Port Harcourt – Nigeria.

After the first contact we had many meetings to form this cooperation. TEEC also prepared the hardware for the first software tests at Mease Energy and assisted during the first project. We are looking forward to the next projects.

New Studies: WAVE & DIFFTOMO

The TEEC group is patricipating in the HPC related project WAVE and coordinating the research in the DIFFTOMO project.

  • WAVE Project – the development of the „WAVE – HPC-Toolbox“
  • DIFFTOMO – Diffraction Tomography – investigate the use of scattered seismic energy

Use the link to get more information about the studies.