Proprietary Software

Since TEEC was founded in 1992 it has always been developing in-house software and tools to overcome the shortcomings of commercial software products. We have been creating a toolbox of leading edge algorithms for CRS processing, denoising, prestack migration in time and depth, diffraction imaging, multi attribute coherency processing and neural network applications. Our experienced team of research geophysicist and software developers are continuosly working on expanding this toolbox as well as integrating it into a graphical user interface.

TEEC’s proprietary software contains

  • Seismic Processing & CRS Processing Software
  • Anisotropic Kirchhoff PreSDM from topography
  • Anisotropic RTM from topography
  • FWM – Full Wavefield Migration
  • FWI – Full Waveform Inversion
  • Diffraction Processing
  • Coherency Processing
  • Neural Network Facies Classification

TEEC’s proprietary software provides

  • Import/Export of different data formats
  • Flat learning curve, easy & flexible to use
  • Innovative processing modules
  • Support of heterogeneous cluster environment
  • World-wide availability